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Mango Glacier Screen

75" x 1-1/8" x 61" - individual panels are 15-1/4 wide

Brazilian Agates, Mango Wood, Mirror Polished Bronze

Suggested Retail Price $57,000

Mango Glacier Screen

Mango Glacier Screen

Studio Greytak’s Mango Glacier Screen brings together the slow and steady vibrations of Brazilian agates with the divine power of the mango tree. The result is a metaphysical powerhouse that calms the spirit and awakens the contemplative mind. Light dances through the colorful, translucent slices of the Brazilian agate, encouraging the abandonment of stress and a turn to emotional balance. The mango wood’s coloring is just as dramatic. Its rich, contrasting colors provide a beautiful frame for the soothing agates while also bringing joyful spiritual blessings. Polished bronze rounds out the piece, inspiring intense focus and reflection.

Brazilian agate is considered some of the best agate in the world. When lava reaches Earth’s surface, it bubbles as it cools forming pockets of air. Over centuries, water trickles through fractures in the rock, depositing silica gel on the cavity walls, which hardens into concentric bands. This is how agates get their distinctive colors and patterns.

Agates have a slow vibrational frequency, which makes them very calming. For centuries they have been used to protect mothers and children during pregnancy and to cleanse and stabilize auras. Brazilian agate, in particular, balances physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual energy, bringing calm, strength, focus, confidence, and positivity.

No other tree has more divine power than the mango. Cultivating the tree is part of the path to ultimate salvation in the Hindu religion, and Buddha spent hours meditating under the broad canopy of a mango grove. Ayurvedic medicine incorporates not only the fruit of the mango tree but also the leaves and bark into remedies meant to rejuvenate the body and soul. The long-lived mango makes for a beautiful evergreen orchard and provides a plentiful crop of sweet fruit. Mango wood symbolizes love, passion, fertility, and abundance. Its presence invites earthly reward and encourages one to meditate on the further rewards that come from living a virtuous life.

Bronze is often associated with fire because of its reddish color. An alloy of copper and tin, it takes on the properties of both but is generally thought to enhance courage and practicality and encourage focus on work. It is also thought to be good luck for warriors.

Place this screen by a source of natural light and let its hypnotic energies soothe, rejuvenate, and feed the soul.