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Bling Bowl 8

7 in x 11 in x 10 in

Amethyst Cluster, Purple Quartz

Suggested Retail Price $14,000

Bling Bowl 8

Bling Bowl 8

Studio Greytak’s Bling Bowl 8 brings the history and beauty of the prized amethyst to your home. An artfully hand carved amethyst bowl grounds and provides a landscape for a purple amethyst firework to erupt from. Centered in the colorful burst is a clear quartz point drawing the eye in wonder.

The ancient Greeks tell a story of a young girl named Amethyst who chooses to worship Diana and a jealous Dionysus unleashes his tigers. Diana rescues her by turning her to white quartz, then the remorseful Dionysus sheds tears into his wine, which spills over the crystals, creating the royal purple stone that prevents intoxication.

In eastern and western cultures, the amethyst spins a path to the divine. The six-sided crystal provides a “shield of spiritual light” and aids in communion with sacred realms. Religious leaders, royalty and those seeking enlightenment have always held it close.

Stories through many cultures and thousands of years of human history reveal many stories of the remarkable amethyst yet it was fiery eruptions millions of years ago that the amethyst began it’s formation. Volcanoes unleashed rivers of molten lava and as the lava raced around trees and other obstacles, cavities were formed. Air pushed its way into the mass, liquid laced with iron spilled inside, and in one of the slowest dances, the atoms moved into formation then froze, over time, into magical rhombohedrons.

Associated with the crown chakra, amethysts are the perfect stones to assist in meditation. It is a powerful tool for activating the mind, overcoming addiction, and eliminating negativity in one’s environment.