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Super Seven Cufflinks on Cactus Quartz

4" x 2-1/2" x 3-3/8"

Amethyst Cacoxenite. Ruby-zoisite. Cactus Quartz. Amethyst. Peridot. Citrine. 24 kt Gold.

Suggested Retail Price $6,496

Super Seven Cufflinks on Cactus Quartz

Super Seven Cufflinks on Cactus Quartz

Studio Greytak’s Super Seven Cufflinks on Cactus Quartz show off some of nature’s most powerful pairings. On one side, seven of the most sacred stones, including the rare and powerful mineral cacoxenite and the highly spiritual amethyst, combine to connect one to all aspects of the universe. On the other side, ultra-serene zoisite swirls throughout the passionate ruby to foster perspective in even the most challenging of situations. Two ancient stones of abundance, peridot and citrine, complete these stunning cufflinks.

A base of dazzling cactus quartz balances the powerful energy of the piece. The tiny crystals form perfect, raised triangles called “record keepers” that store the wisdom of the ages and the secrets of the universe. Gold leaf delicately wraps the crystals and brings the radiance of the sun.

This powerhouse pair of cufflinks provides a clear passage to the unconscious and shepherds one’s soul on its path to divine brilliance.